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You know

2011-09-27 00:03:09 by BonusStage

This is where it all began.

All the goods are long since gone, but if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't the me I am.

You know

WoW Nerd Workout

2010-06-18 19:17:59 by BonusStage

1 point shit: Push-up = Sit-up = Curls w/ 15 pound weight = 2 Jumping Jacks.

10 point shit: 1 run around house/apartment complex or somewhere similar in length that won't make you look weird.

How to earn points:

Regular shit:
Level up: 25
Complete Dungeon: 25
Quest complete: 10
Achievement: 15
Faction rank up: 25

Participate in BG: 25
Win BG: 25
Lose BG: 15
If WSG, ANY FLAG CAP ally/horde: 10
If AB, rep gain: 5
If AV, Tower down: 10
If AV, kill Van: 15
If EoTs, ANY FLAG CAP ally/horde: 5
If Strand, ANY gate down ally/horde: 5
If Isle, ANY gate down: 15
If Isle, kill Boss: 20

Enter Arena Match: 15
Win Arena Match: 15
Lose Arena Match: 5

Participate in raid: 30
Down Boss: 15
Complete Raid: 50

Fucking Wisdom Teeth

2010-06-17 15:14:06 by BonusStage

These n****rs decide it's time to ripen NOW? AT 21? shit ain't right. Or at least i think it's them. It's pressure on my back right tooth, and lidocane is not helping too much.

Toyz Noize by Pogo, watch it.

Anyways, finna get my munch on and need to stop procrastinating and study for my test thing weekend, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO garbage

So weird since i saw this in like 7th grade and now i'm in... technically 16th grade and seeing this movie again makes me just go back

One thing has stayed the same, the girl that's anorexic in the movie and is like the most highlighted one?

She looks hot man, and hell later on in the movie they talk about her recovery, so i don't feel bad saying it.

INC 500-1000 word essay over this hour long movie, though....... finna have to bullshit my fuck off

Anorexia movie for Online Course

reppin that 04

2010-06-07 16:23:50 by BonusStage

old tank 4 lif

reppin that 04


2010-06-05 01:37:13 by BonusStage

Bored during the summer, coming back for whatever reason


2010-01-30 23:36:04 by BonusStage /current_value_feat._snow_-_the_power.

I found the good one.

2009-11-04 14:58:14 by BonusStage

and she just so happens to be the most beautiful of the choices. WOOT :D.

Now the slow crawl towards getting down her pants. TOO GOOD

but now

2009-10-19 18:19:36 by BonusStage

about.......... 4 girls want me?

and it sucks more than it should.


j fucking k

2009-09-14 13:50:37 by BonusStage

She's taken, they're always taken. THE GOOD ONES ARE ALWAYS FUCKING TAKEN, EVERY TIME