Burnt to perfection.

2007-07-24 01:48:33 by BonusStage

I lay there in the hospital bed, small hospital, dual bedded rooms, they try to keep sexes apart but they were full due to a running through of a new flu.

Twenty people so far have either:
Thrown up
or Hurled to death due to this run, i was in about a week before it started, and have been kept in due to some susceptibility i seem to have, and god damn am i lucky.

She was in due to burns, her skin, her white skin burned pink everywhere.

She was like a snowflake, the most beautiful that could've ever came down to this Earth, and for good reason, she was albino.

She came in a few days after i did according to the nurse, and was transferred over to what had become the "ward" for anyone not dying of the flu, i stopped listening really though when i heard her name.

Imoen Dale, what a strange name
what a beautiful name
what a beautiful girl

She was 15, maybe, HEY DON'T LOOK AT ME I'M ONLY 16, but i wouldn't know, i was so stricken by her, her pink skin, her pale white snowflake body

I kept imagining under that small hospital cloth, i knew i only had underwear, i knew she did too, i imagined if only white would suit her, i wanted her so much.

One day she asked to turn the TV off ... it was 1am and it was only on so she couldn't see i was taking glances at her, and she said "Why do you always look at me?"

Eye to my eye, they were like glass, this light blue with a ring of pink in the middle, they glowed in the shine of the Late Late Nightshow, they radiated this beauty that i know the sun could never match, and two minutes passed.

She asked again ... whoops, kinda got lost there for a bit, i said it was because i thought she was cute ... her blush was like a field of roses, redder than any of her burns, she plunged her face into the pillow and looked up in two seconds "Really?"

I reassured her and asked her name ... though i knew.
I was retold her gorgeous name "Imoen Dale" so mysterious, so beautiful, i was madly infatuated, i may have experienced love at first site ... so stricken by her beauty, still imagining her underneath that sheath.

She called the nurse, whispered to her in the ear and she begins laughing.

She walks over to me, a long-legged intern doll with huge natural breasts (you could tell by the bounce), probably 36D, a sight to see for any man.

Oh yeah, got a bit off track again, so she looks at me and tells me that i was just asked out on a date.



I nearly fucking fainted, but asked "how?"

Imoen was already up and behind the nurse, she took my hand when the nurse sidestepped ... it was so soft, i was so giddy, i nearly keeled over knowing i'd die happy.

But decided to walk with her instead, the Late Late Night staff paid no heed to our little lover affair, they loved it in fact, two cute little teens, walking hand and hand down the halls of the sick and the dying

such a perfect date, taking her past the cancer patients, talking about favorite foods and colors

past the flu patients, one being rushed to ER as we laughed about how i came into this hospital.

I was shot by the way ... but not in a cool way, just in the shoulder by a hunting ground's stray bullet ... she laughed so much but my embarrassment only heightened when she said she was happy, for they'd have probably never met.

She hated always being inside and wanted to see the sun, but merely a minute of the sun had checked her in for over a week now, poor snowflake, but i was so happy, for we'd have probably never met.

At the end of the night she kissed me before rushing off to her bed and quickly slashing the chains of the overhanging curtain about her bed, i was in shock, i was in love

I needed her.

A few days later we went to the children's play room, must've been one of the biggest rooms in the whole damn hospital, walls scaling twenty feet high, with one wall of windows, it was lit only by the moonlight, and Imoen looked so gorgeous in it, her eyes again gleaming like two sapphires, two diamonds, crystals, i don't know, beyond all of those and those combined, they were amazing, i kissed her.

I pushed her back to the slide, it was a wide one, and she in her little hospital suit landed gently on the plastic.

Our tongues swirled together furiously, nothing too savage or disgusting though, i was in heaven, i pulled a risky moved and moved across her left breast, she jutted back and asked me if i wanted this, if this was all real.

She confessed she imagined me every night, and had learned really quickly to be really quiet about "imagining."

I attacked her once again, and decided to take off my hospital suit, she began to rub her soft hands, the ones i'd begged to be in my hand were now all over my chest, lower and upper, moving across me and i ripped hers in half

she seemed to get excited, and flipped me over and got on top of me (could've called me the rock after that moment in two seconds flat) and undid her bra, as it dropped i was in awe.

Beautiful B34s were now in my sight, the nipples were small and pinker like her still existent burns, they were hard and i was glad to see that that was the case, i was in love, i fondled her softly, she stayed quiet, knowing they could come in any time

but we both loved the thrill, the possibility of being caught, our lower underwears are soon off in this heat of passion, and i was dumbstruck.

She was beautiful down there, shaved to the skin and nothing grossly hung out, the lips were closed together but i could see the glisten of her excitement had begun to come out, i decided it was time she was on bottom again.

i went down to get a closer look, peering the lips apart i see skin as pink as the nipples, and she was so wet, i needed to have her, i needed her.

She asked one more time if it was all a dream, i was breathing above her now, kissing her on the neck and cheeks, and lips and neck once again, hands still cupping her breasts and told her only if she wanted to never wake up.

Take me was her response, so i did.

It was like heaven was just redefined for the twentieth time that week, it began as simply being her face, and now it was this, our union was the most perfect part of my life to date, i began to move back and forth and she pulled me down, squeezing my chest onto her breasts, ripping my back to shreds as her tongue moved inside my mouth.

Back and forth we swayed, her lips grasping me so tightly, with blood darker than her blush running down my hard member, as it moved inside her, her whinces of pain became movements of pleasure she soon began screaming in my mouth, even as our tongues moved i could here her beg for more

her announcements of cumming
her compliments on my size
her love of sex
her love of me
her cumming again

After about 20 minutes, i couldn't take it anymore, normally i could last for hours (not to brag or anything) but she squeezed so tight, she was pulling me in so deep, she asked me to cum inside her, and said she didn't care

not if she got pregnant
not if she got in trouble
as long as i loved her
as long as i needed her

and inside i came, we layed there as our bodies stopped moving and the sweat stopped forming, her body currently on top of mine (3 positions in total, sorry you don't get all the details) she kissed me once more and said we should stay there for the night, to wake up the hospital with a surprise they'd never forget. and so they did.


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2007-07-24 04:41:48

that is some really nice writing..
the story was okay , but i really like the way you express yourself in words..
what books do you read , i really want to write like this..
PM me or something if you can help..

BonusStage responds:

Only book that i read out of joy this last year was Survivor by Chuck Paluhniuk, if you read some of the stories in the first post, according to friends its reminiscent of his writing.


2007-07-24 23:44:57

Hey send me a naked picture unless you are one of those on top.

I'm a local hero after all.

BonusStage responds:

can't, i don't like to reveal my girlfriend's nudes, oh snap


2007-07-25 16:39:10

Speaking of Chuck, I'm reading "Rant" right now. I got about halfway through it and I think I left it on a plane. Now, I have to buy another copy >=(

Anyways, nice writing, and it does somewhat remind me of Chuck. Very blunt and left me with a strange picture in my head.

BonusStage responds:

Lawl, my EVIL STORIES (first news post lists all of them) seem to have his grumsomeness according to fans of MY WORK and his work hehe ^_^


2007-07-25 17:03:14

Loved it.

Although you posted this on the forums am I right ?

BonusStage responds:

No, stories are blog only now, even if they aren't shit,, i support their decision ONLY because i don't fucking care that username123 smoked weed or banged his "girlfriend" earlier.

and i CERTAINLY DON'T MIND an end to "Portal DESTRUCTION (a bbs story)" that whole bullshit with people control+f'ing for their name and bitching if it's not in there.


2007-07-27 16:49:25

Nice story.


2007-07-30 04:30:10

And then a star went out.

It was symbolic.


BonusStage responds:

o u


2007-07-31 01:15:12

Beautiful, but now I'm forced to laugh at you.

You manly man.

BonusStage responds:

you're just enthralled by my sexy story


2007-08-07 00:36:29


BonusStage responds:



2007-08-13 18:28:57



2007-10-01 20:15:26

Im readig your stories newest to oldest, so it might seem like my comments are backwards. i love this story, its great.