Entry #1

Regarding My Stories.

2007-07-17 20:35:33 by BonusStage

Since i've noticed lots of abuse of this system, i decided it was right time for a user to actually use this for more than spam.

And to think all you mods seeing it was BonusStage posting it, it's NOT SPAM

I know, i'm surprised too.

Basically i wish to get opinions on my stories in some of the following ways.

1) CONSTRUCTIVE criticism - I don't care if you hate them, and i know some (if not all) have word/grammar errors, they're all first drafts and written in a continuously flow of thought, i want to know what would make them better

2) Your favorites - Which of them do you like the most, and (please) also tell me WHY, what about that certain story made you like it the most.

In addition, don't make suggestions on me changing my "style" it's how i write and remember, an author evolves over time, he doesn't just change because his critics think he's using too many non-sequiturs and

That is simply how i believe more expression is included and if you dislike that, i'd appreciate it if you just avoiding telling me so, that doesn't exactly fit under constructive criticism.

List of stories thus far:
Dimensional Entity. Freak of Love.
Walking With A Ghost.
The Son With Broken Eyes.
So She Kept Crying.
Please Don't Cry.
Just Keep Thinking.
Don't Call it A Fanciful Tale.
Will To Live.
Sugar Frosted Lips Called Lies.
Free As Caged Animals.
Fireworks Known As Gunshots.
Out Of Focus.
Goodnight, Good Morning.
Once In Forever.
Strike Two.
Requiem For Spilled Blood.
Timmy Loved His Cat. (this one is actually the 15th post ... it's what started my craze to write all the others :X)

... Wow, i've written a lot more than i thought i had, anyways, the thing is i've gotten suggestions from friends and such saying i should try to publish these and make a book out of them, but

1) I have no idea how i'd go about doing that ...
2) Haven't really the confidence to go out and look on how to do so.
3) Not sure what i'd do, just a huge short stories book? or two, one for the corrupted love stories and one for the SCARY STORIES :X.

So yeah, express your opinions, read my stories, and tell me whether or not i SHOULD take this to "the next level" because i never planed on people becoming such huge fans of them and asking if i will.

Thank you all at any rate.


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2007-07-18 00:48:13

best banner evar

BonusStage responds:

WCIS, gotta love the nudity, lawl i'll change it often, naked girls, etc


2007-07-18 00:49:17

That's a uh, pretty sexy banner you got there.

BonusStage responds:

thanks honey


2007-07-18 01:08:08

Best comment I`ve read so far...

Also best BANNER I`ve seen so far. The chick on the far right is exactly like one of my friends from college.

Which is scaring me. Tell me they are not from a Russian porn site.

BonusStage responds:

They are underage and naked down below, yep yep


2007-07-18 01:24:20

hi I like your banner.
the girls are fucking sexy.

BonusStage responds:

kinda like you babe EH EH EH


2007-07-18 02:14:36

Might as become a writer or something if you like writing so much.

BonusStage responds:

Lawl, but dost thou likest them? Think a publisher would be like, YEAH THAT WINS :D


2007-07-18 03:05:45

Good job wigga.

BonusStage responds:




2007-07-18 08:08:20

Bonus baby, writing isn't the only thing you should consider taking to the next level. What about us? Don't you care about where this relationship is heading anymore?

Also, I'm digging the banner.

BonusStage responds:

it's just not da same yakno? It's been such a hard road for both of us.

Also, i banged them, twice


2007-07-18 16:17:33

Yeah, they took away the news post ability, it was the new form of "leave a message" but people abused it to hell. I'm only mentioning this because isn't what you wrote up there what your news topic would have been? Otherwise tl;dr, they really should give the secret at a higher level that allows you to make news topics though. If used properly it's a great tool.

BonusStage responds:

funk da welrd


2007-07-18 16:21:35

error- GIFs with transparent backgrounds are not allowed here


2007-07-18 16:34:22

Oh wait, nevermind, it's still there, but you can't do it by editing a personal news post, it has to be a new one and you just checkmark the corresponding box. It might not actually go through however, at least they didn't go with the "this is why we can't have nice things" logic.


2007-07-18 17:29:16

More like BonerStage.

Which is kinda like what your banner has done to several people.

BonusStage responds:

Dude, it's fucking hot, i mean, you have that picture right?


2007-07-18 23:20:21


Post that pic of your dick on here.

BonusStage responds:

maybe later


2007-07-18 23:22:53

I <3 you moar now.


BonusStage responds:

Best thing i found out of all my porn ;)


2007-07-18 23:57:39

No. To be honest, I haven't seen the full pic.

BonusStage responds:

It's a damn shame, it's fucking hot, i just wish that i had more than two of the pictures


2007-07-19 01:07:04



BonusStage responds:

SUK MY DICK, wait, you mean the hentai bitches, or the one with pussies, or the one with tits?


2007-07-19 07:46:47

Damn it I was hoping for pictures of you instead of girls in your banner. :<

BonusStage responds:

Sorry baby, i just couldn't pleas everyone