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bluegreengirl bluegreengirl

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I'm flipping out

This is a fliptastic picture. The flip of her hair, how the machine stuff flips out of the head. It's flipping my mind with its flipness

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robot repair service robot repair service

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Girl Fetish.

You have one.

Jesus, what can you even say about this piece. It's easily the best you have. It's like taking nearly all of the influences of this futuristic world we've seen you create in so many flash films and taking the most perfect of snapshots. It actually inspired me to actually deposit today for the first time in weeks just to maybe get that extra .01 to buff its score all that much.

At first i was going to give it a 10 due to the immense detail you'd seemingly placed in such a small space.... i'm quite new to the Art Portal regardless of its age, but when i saw the full size link... i was blown away. The ONLY fucking thing even mentioning as any kind of constructive criticism is that the red and blue orbs should blend out more distinctly. Yes they've the colored auras surrounding them, but i mean their immediate surroundings aren't perfect.

That being said..... the rest is. The bodies of the women are stunning, the feet are a bit big, but the human body is a bitch to draw anyways, one bitch i'll never get some with.

As for my FAVORITE part? Easily the electrical graphic coming forth from whatever middle girl is using on the robot. The details around JUST that point are astounding when you zoom in, and are why i said what i did about the orbs in the higher portion of the picture.

Please don't stop making these, it'd be an insult to all the fame we've given you as a site ;). And god DAMN i want to see more and more of your work

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